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Holistic well-being for women ready to feel their best again

This is a soft landing place for those who are ready to feel good again in mind, body and spirit.  

Maybe you've been feeling stressed, burned out, and overwhelmed or maybe you came here because you are ready for more energy and expansion.  Whatever your reason, you are welcome here!


I created this community because I know what it's like to want to live a big full life but to be stuck in survival mode and feel completely lost.   I don't want that for you. 

I'll share with you all the tools I know to get you in a place of bliss.  Taking care of yourself is so important and that's what we do here!

Together, we gather to share life and indulge in self care practices to help you BECOME the person you are ready to be and feel good while doing so.  Whatever that version looks like for you, I am here to be your guide and help you move from thinking and wishing to real transformation.

This is your invitation to stop settling and create a life that lights your soul on fire!

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What's it like in the community?

Each month we will meet to practice different self care + holistic wellness techniques to help you drop into your body so you can awaken what's been dormant and shed what's no longer serving you. These practices will include but are not limited to, breathwork, yoga/stretching, meditation, visualizations, dance, sound healing, EFT tapping + more.

We will also dive in and discuss a variety of topics covering self-improvement, mindfulness, mindset shifts, simple living, self love, spirituality, etc.​

We do this work so you can shift your energy/mood, feel more vibrant and alive, find more joy and happiness, show up as your most authentic self, and feel better in mind, body and spirit.

All so you can create a life that truly feels good!

No more playing around or living on auto pilot it's time to feel your best again and BECOME the person you can't stop thinking about!

We all need good energy and community in order to create a fulfilled life.

We've got you covered!

Becoming Community Details

When you join, you will get all of these amazing features for the one low monthly price

Monthly Zoom Calls

Each month we meet virtually, for 75 minutes, to learn and connect with our group.   The sessions are on the 2nd Thursday of each month and the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 6:30pm to 7:45pm (Central Time Zone). 


Replays are available for 3 months in your video library.


Each month one of our virtual calls is dedicated to breathwork.  We will try out different styles of breathwork along with the conscious connected breathing pattern. This is your chance for a bigger release or breakthrough.  

Replays are available in your video library.

Video Library

Each month you will have 2 videos added to the library. These will be more holistic work to help you shift your energy / mood anytime you need. From time to time we will have a video created for us by a guest.

Monthly Newsletter

A monthly newsletter with tips to keep you inspired and feeling well. This will include a monthly challenge based on our theme and a journal prompt as well to help you go deeper with your learning and put everything into practice.


More Becoming Community Features


  • Interact with other members in our community chat (completely off socials)

  • Free 14 day trial for all new members

  • Early access to workshops and retreats and discounts to select events 

Are you ready to be a Becoming Community member?

You get all of the features listed above for the low monthly price of $16.97

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