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Transform yourself, how you feel, and how you show up to your life.


Sara Adamchak

Transformational  Coach

Hello, I'm Sara, the founder of Connected and Well. I'm a transformational coach, mentor to entrepreneurs, a certified yoga instructor + breathwork facilitator.  I'm also the host of The Connected and Well Podcast.

My mission?  To help you overcome everything that's been holding you back, take inspired action towards your dreams and/or life's mission + feel good while doing so.
I will get you from that place of stuck-ness and confusion to one of deep clarity, fulfillment and transformation. 


I understand the feeling of waking up each day with excitement in your heart to go after your dreams + life's mission and fulfill your soul's calling.  Only to find yourself in tears, paralyzed by fear, overwhelmed and struggling to find clarity and motivation around what it is you are even trying to do or bring into the world.
But I also know the incredible expansion and joy that awaits you just on the other side of breaking free and finally moving forward.


My approach integrates mindfulness teachings, mindset work, spiritual lessons and holistic practices to help you realign with your highest - truest self so you can create the life you've only dreamt about until now. 

You deserve nothing less than a life filled with abundance, let's go!

Sara Adamchak - Founder of Connected and Well
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